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Please call or complete the online form for assistance. Covering East Kent eddthePCguy can manage all of your computer and network problems.

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It’s not always the broadband supplier’s fault - what may seem like a slow internet connection can be caused by a computer struggling under the weight of poorly configured software. I can diagnose and repair problems.

Free Software

The Best FREE Software on the Net. Here I list links to the free software that anyone can use. From Malware dectectors to...


I offer tuition as part of my service. No matter who I visit I am always able to offer some invaluable discovery, tip or advice. By fully understanding my customers’ needs I improve the way I do business.

About Edd

I'm the guy who can solve your computer problems. I believe in value for money and am able to provide a high quality of customer service and support.

Edd's Blog

“Six different computer ‘experts’ have looked at my laptop but you’ve fixed it in five minutes”